Why a Strong Personal Brand Can Make or Break Your Business

As a founder you are your business. People buy people, not faceless brands, today’s consumer wants to know about the person behind the company. A clearly defined personal brand vision at the heart of your business strategy is vital to the success of your brand.

Why a strong personal brand can make or break your business

Are you clear on who you are?

It is often difficult to navigate and define where you stop and your business starts.
If you are not clear about your personal brand how can you expect others to understand what you and your business stand for? What you do is not who you are.

Do your customers understand who you are?

Consumers want to understand the person behind the business in order to trust that they are buying into a credible, authentic brand they can build a lasting and loyal relationship with. They’re making assumptions about you and your business whenever and wherever they come into contact with you.

What need are you fulfilling for your customer?

Do you have a good understanding of who your target market are and what exactly it is they want from you? Think about how you want them to feel when they interact with your brand at every level.

How do you want your audience to perceive you?

You need to consider how you want to present yourself on social media. What does your photographic style say about you on Instagram? How does what you wear, say & write support your brand message?

How do you come across when people meet you in person? What will they say about you when you leave the room? Think about how your clothes make you feel and whether the way you dress reflects your brand vision. If trainers are more you than heels embrace that. If you aren’t true to yourself your consumers will work it out. Not everyone has to like what you do.

Does your marketing mix have a consistent message?

Review your marketing materials. Are they on-brand? Do they work cohesively to shout one clear, consistent message to your audience? Are you proud of your website and branding? Look at how all the elements of you marketing mix work together to communicate the things that are important for your personal brand and overall brand strategy. Identify gaps in your communications and be clear about what you need to improve.

Building your personal brand is not a quick process.

Identifying what makes you unique, why you are in business and how to communicate this to your target audience takes time. Understanding the value this brings to your business will ultimately help you market yourself more effectively to your audience and build a personal identity, voice and story that your customer can identify with, relate and be inspired by. Your personal brand strategy needs to be reflected in every single way you communicate with your audience on and off line.

Find the right experts to help you

As entrepreneurs we wear many hats. Be realistic about your strengths, weaknesses and the aspects of running your business you enjoy the most. Build up a dream team of experts who can help you with the areas that you aren’t so good at. Being clear about what makes you who you are will make these decisions so much easier.

Understanding your personal brand and using it to your advantage is a more strategic way of managing conversations that are already happening around you. We live in an online world and we all have a digital footprint. When you are clear about who are are, why you are in business and what your consumer is truly looking for in your brand every aspect of your business will work in harmony to create a brand that truly makes your heart sing.

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